How to Decoupage Using BubbleGum Yum Artisan Paper

We created BGY Artisan Decoupage Paper to share our LOVE of COLOR with the world.  

We know that decoupaging is a new territory for many people, so we put together instructions to aide you in your journey of filling your home with color!

There are a few ways to decoupage.  We will be going through two methods: using a medium and the iron on method.

If you scroll down below there are a couple of YouTube videos we’ve included that were created by some of our friends.

Medium Method

With this method you will be using a medium such as Mod Podge or a poly topcoat. We have found using a topcoat is a lot easier to use when it comes to applying BGYs paper.

Supplies Needed:

  • BGY paper
  • Quality water based top coat
  • Quality paint brush-something that will enable you to apply the topcoat on thinly
  • Paint for your piece
  • 220 grit sanding block
  • Exacto knife


Prepare your surface by cleaning it with a degreaser to remove any wax and oils off the surface.  Wash area with dish soap to ensure all dirt is removed.  Wipe and dry clean. Once dry, paint the surface and wait till the paint is dry.

Apply Top Coat

 Apply the topcoat on thinly one section of your project.It is key that you work in small sections. We recommend working in areas of 1-2 inches at a time.  Line up your paper where the top coat is applied. Smooth your paper using your hand.  It’s OK to apply some pressure and push out any bubbles.

Once that area has all bubbles pushed out move onto the next section. Repeat the process.

When applying the next coat of topcoat try not to fold the paper back to far.  Folding the paper back may cause creases in the paper.  

Once complete, cover entire project with the topcoat.  

If you see small bubbles, don’t panic. Once the topcoat dries the bubbles should settle down.

If you find the edges lifting be sure to apply the topcoat beneath and on top of the paper.  Rub edges to make sure the paper has adhered. 

Once all areas have adhered apply topcoat to all areas of the BGY Artisan Paper.


Once the paper is dry using the 220 grit sanding paper or block to take off excess paper around the edges of your piece.  It is important to sand away from piece to create crisp lines.

Use an Exacto knife to cut in area in between drawers or around details.

Iron on Method


  • Decoupage paper
  • Topcoat
  • A quality paint brush
  • An iron (A quilting iron can help get into small spaces)
  • Parchment paper
  • A sanding block and/or Exacto knife


Prep your surface as instructed above


Once your area is prepped apply 2 coats of topcoat to your project.  Let the topcoat dry between each coat.

Applying your paper

Once the topcoat is dry, lay a sheet of parchment paper on top of the dried area. Make sure your iron is turned onto the cotton setting.  Let it warm up.

Run your iron over the parchment paper. Keep running the iron over the parchment paper until the paper is warm to touch. The heat of the iron will reactivate the topcoat underneath your paper and cause it to adhere to the surface of your piece.  

Once your paper is completely adhered, brush a think layer of topcoat over the top to seal the paper.  If the paper wrinkles don’t panic. Once the topcoat dries the small wrinkles will shrink. Be sure to check the edges.  Add more topcoat in those ares if needed.


Once the paper is dry using the 220 grit sanding paper or block to take off excess paper around the edges of your piece.  It is important to sand away from piece to create crisp lines. 

YouTube Videos done by our friends at:

Leah Noell Designs Co.

Cara Color Me Vintage

Whether you are refinishing a piece of furniture or a small project we are excited to be part of your home decor.


The BGY Team