How To Decoupage with Bubblegum Yum Rice Paper

How To Decoupage with Bubblegum Yum Rice Paper

There is many ways to decoupage with rice paper.

We are fortunate enough to have Heike Marro from Heike's Furniture Art  create us a video on how to apply our rice paper.  

Below is a link to our youtube channel with Heike's tutorial.

Water based top coat
Fine spray mist bottle

1.  Starting from the top, apply a thin coat of top coat to the piece of furniture.  Work in smalls sections. 

2. Spray the rice paper with the fine spray mist bottle.  This will help reduce wrinkles and allow for more workable time.

3.  Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles with paint brush and brayer.  

4. Repeat the process until complete.

5.  Let the paper and top coat dry and then apply a thin layer of top coat on top of the rice paper. 

6.  You are now ready to paint!

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