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BUBBLEGUM YUM was created by women with a shared passion for female entrepreneurship. Each owner has a distinct role—artist, production and business—but they maintain a collective effort to enjoy the ride and not be deterred by competition. BGY exists to shine a light on the joy of art and inspire other women to follow their example, whether as artists, entrepreneurs, leaders or all the above. Tired of running into roadblocks or tired stereotypes of artistic limitations, BGY founders wanted the company to serve as a mini- incubator, believing a rising tide lifts all boats.

Bubblegum Yum only uses original art in its transfers, solely for the purpose of allowing customers to create and own a one-of-a-kind. We throw open the doors of the art world to anyone who wishes to enter, giving customers the confidence to say, “yes, I am an artist.”

All Bubblegum Yum Artisan Rice Paper is manufactured by Bubblegum Yum in Paola, Kansas. 

Anissa Perry


Anissa of Anissa Marie Collective is an artist whose creativity doesn’t stop on the canvas. While on her journey to creating a multi-layered business she co-founded BUBBLEGUM YUM with a passion to turn original artwork into artisan decoupage papers to inspire female crafters to create bold, unexpected artwork. 

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Jessica Knudsen

Jessica Knudsen


Jessica own’s two businesses with her husband Bobby, JKCC Print & Design and 3/2 Paper Co.They started collaborating with BUBBLEGUM YUM since conception to provide a USA printed decoupage paper. In January 2021 a new relationship was formed as they became part owners with Anissa, falling in loving with her vision and passion for the Art community.

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Priya Patel


I am the owner of A Cubed Art and now a proud owner of BUBBLEGUM YUM. Life is short so I decided to give up my corporate America job to spend time with my three beautiful girls. While I have been watching them grow up I found my passion in furniture restoration and decoupaging.  My journey in furniture restoration led me to Bubblegum Yum.  I have to say that I am lucky to be part of a team where I can I work with a couple of gals that I call freinds. 

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