Stockists Terms and Conditions

Thank you for joining The BGY Team. We are pumped to have you on board. Here are a few things you need to note when purchasing our artisan paper.

Tier Packages:
Tier 1:
  Initial order $250.  This package is great for first time retailers.  We have created this package so you can order our top sellers BGY sellers and get a taste of our artist prints. If you feel like you need to add additional artisan paper to this order feel free to add them to your cart. You will not have a territory protection with this package. 

Tier 2: Initial order is $350 and $350 annual minimum order requirement.  This package is great for those retailers that want a little bit of everything. With this package you will received one free print. You will receive a 20 mile territory protection with this package. 

Northern Americas Territory Protection: In order to secure your territory upon application approval we are requiring you place orders within 7 days with the Tier 2 package. 

In order to keep your 20-mile territory, we will be asking stockists to purchase a minimum of $350 ANNUALLYNot per order, but annually.

Order Minimum: Currently, there is no order minimum with each purchase after your first initial order.

Non Disclosure Agreement: We will be sharing new release information with you before the public hears about them.  We ask you DO NOT share any of this information till we provide a release date.

Order Processing Times:  Once your order is entered, The BGY Team will have it packed and work super hard to have your order packed to ship within 3-6 business days!  Larger orders, such as first orders, can take a bit longer.  If you are outside the U.S. order will take a tad bit longer than usual to process. Sometimes Holidays, Promotions, New Product Releases, or Winter Storms can cause unforeseen delays.  We are super impatient and hate delays too!  Please know that we are trying our best to get your order out as soon as possible.  Your order will ship via UPS.  We have currently stopped shipping with USPS due to lost products. Occasionally, life throws a curveball and there are service interruptions far beyond our control.  Perhaps a delivery truck broke down, or the weather has caused some unexpected delays.  We sincerely apologize for any delay, no matter how minor; if we could do anything to prevent them, we would!

Once a product has shipped we will send an email out to you.  So keep your eyeballs open.  If you don’t receive a shipping confirmation check your Bubblegum Yum. account for the order status.  If it has been more than 7 days, email us and we will be glad to help you out.  

Also, make sure your email isn’t in your spam.

Order Changes/Returns/Exchanges:  Returns and exchanges are not permitted.  All sales are final.  However, if you have an issue with your delivery such as product damage, please make sure you email us at as soon as possible so we can work our magic to have things corrected right away for you!  Make sure you include the order number, the exact issue including product name, colors, and quantity, as well as any photos of damage (including any damage to the box) and how the products were packed/wrapped.  

We are unable to make any changes to your order once it is submitted, so please verify the items in your order before checking out. We cannot combine orders or pull orders out of the queue; often this causes delays and costly errors.  

We understand sometimes typos happen; if you accidentally enter an incorrect shipping address, please email us immediately so we can correct it for you before it ships.  If your order has already shipped with the incorrect address, you will be responsible for the cost to reship and/or the cost of lost items.  

Order Cancellations:  If an order has not yet been packed, you can cancel an order by emailing You will be charged $3.50 plus 3.5% of the entire order cost.  Please include the order number in the email.  This is not something Bubblegum Yum makes a profit on; this is so we break even with associated refund fees and processing costs.

Kindest Regards,

The BGY Team