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Golden Tears-Girl

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    Golden Tears -Girl 
    ALL Profits will be donated VOICES OF CHILDREN.  
    I call them ‘golden tears’, to depict the pain that children and families are facing in Ukraine as result of attacks by Russian Military. During the first week of this war many places in Ukraine were bombed and destroyed. One was the museum of a famous Ukrainian Folk artist Maria Prymachenko. This is what sparked the inspiration within an art community to paint work inspired by Ukrainian folk art.   I participated in this Tribute by painting the first piece of ‘golden tears’ . The young girl with tears running down her cheeks, two long braids at the sides of her shoulders form into birds facing one another. Half of her face is hot pink and placed within the core of her body are these two birds— imaginary inspired by Maria Prymachenko’s work. The second piece was painted after a women’s and children’s hospital was bombed by Russian military in Ukraine. These pieces are painted in hopes to share the severity of suffering that innocent children are faced with everyday. Both of the paintings were sold with profits going to ‘Voices of Children’. We have decided  to print “golden tears” to continue raise funds for Ukrainian relief.
    Sizes: 8x10 and 16x20 available on poster and rice paper

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